The Designer

Jay Ahr is a collection of bold pieces highlighted by innovative fabrics and embroidery striking an ideal balance between day and occasion dressing.
Launched by designer Jonathan Riss in 2005, Jay Ahr, (the name is a phonetic spelling in English of Riss’ initials), began with a store in the heart of Paris on rue de Rivoli facing the Tuileries Garden in a historic Parisian building where it now also houses the brand's headquarters, atelier and design studio. Today, Jay Ahr presents four ready-to-wear and accessories collections per year and sells to a select group of stores worldwide

“I launched Jay Ahr in 2005. More than a brand, what I really wanted was a house where I could combine all the savoir-faire that fascinates me in fashion, from fabrics and embroidery, to clothes, jewelry and service."
Jonathan Riss' fashion expertise extends to embroidery, fabric creation and fine jewelry (He won the De Beers Fine Jewelry competition in 2004). His design is driven by a passion for art, particularly architecture, and travel. The influence of innovative construction and multiculturalism is always present in Jay Ahr‘s edgy designs, which come together like the pieces of an interlocking puzzle, into a sleek unassuming, wardrobe. Dresses, in sculptural and trompe l’oeil shapes with modern embroidery, are a centerpiece, and integral part of the brand’s DNA.
Jay Ahr is enriched by Jonathan Riss' parallel projects. His embroidery artwork cross-reference his design and are an essential part of the house, as recently seen at his latest exhibit at the Ullens Center for Contemporary Art in Beijing.
Riss was born in Paris and grew up in Brussels near the Royal Museum of Fine Arts where he spent time immersed in the work of modern and contemporary artists. Intrigued by travel, he left Belgium after school to direct a cotton factory in Dniepropetrovsk in the Ukraine where he developed his skill designing fabrics. Later, he established his own embroidery atelier in Bombay before the desire to launch his brand brought him inevitably back to Paris.

“Fashion is an incredible form of communication,” he says,
“before we exchange a word, we communicate through what we’re wearing.
Luxury is about possessing a sense of history and clothes should be iconic
and essential."
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